Why should I choose Plastiflex as my preferred pool hose supplier?

Plastiflex is world leader in designing, developing and manufacturing custom pool hoses. As a pool hose supplier, we understand the needs of the swimming pool market and its dedicated professionals. Our pool hoses meet all relevant industry regulations and quality standards.

5 reasons why Plastiflex should be your preferred pool hose supplier

  1. Plastiflex has a broad product offering which fully covers your cleaning and maintenance needs

Plastiflex offers a wide range of pool hoses for in-ground and above ground pool cleaning systems, ranging from pool hoses for automatic pool cleaners, service pool hoses, backwash pool hoses, lay-flat pool hoses, long length pool hoses, to filter hoses and pump hoses.

  1. For every job around the pool, Plastiflex has the right pool hose     

  • Do you want to clean a swimming pool with an automatic pool cleaner?
  • Do you want to manually clean an in-ground swimming pool?
  • Do you want to flush out debris or sand within swimming pool filters?
  • Do you want to vacuum out a swimming pool?
  • Do you want to filter or fill an above ground swimming pool?
  • … 

Whatever your swimming pool need, Plastiflex provides a custom pool hose to get the job done. Click here to explore our range of solutions.

  1. Plastiflex has the best in class filter pump hoses

We offer two different types of filter pump hoses. Each type addresses specific quality needs of pool owners, depending on the specific requirements of the above ground pool:

  • Spiral hoses for high-quality needs
  • Blow molded hoses with integrated cuffs for less demanding applications. 

Your needs may differ, but both types of hoses have one thing in common: they are the best in their class!

  1. Long length manual pool cleaning hoses from Plastiflex make pool cleaning an easy task

As a professional or a residential pool owner, cleaning a large swimming pool with a short pool hose can be quite frustrating. Our long-length hoses for swimming pools contain a swivel cuff on each end, are easy to connect and have a long reach for efficient cleaning.

  1. We offer service professionals premium pool hoses with excellent durability and crush resistance

Service professionals need the best equipment, crafted with the best of materials, in order to efficiently clean and vacuum swimming pools. Our premium pool hoses have excellent durability and crush resistance. As a professional, you will notice the difference. 

Do you have any questions?

Do you have any questions about our pool hoses or about Plastiflex as a dedicated pool hose supplier? Please do not hesitate to contact us! We will be in touch with you shortly. 



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