Vacuum hoses for truckmounts

Definition of the application

Wet & dry vacuum cleaners are used to collect dust, debris, and/or liquids. They are specifically designed to prevent liquids from blocking the filters and causing issues with the electronics in the vacuum cleaner.

Plastiflex and floorcare

Floor care has changed tremendously over the last 100 years. For centuries, a broom was the preferred way to clean floors.

Once the dustpan was developed, a mechanical sweeper was introduced. After that, various types of vacuum cleaners were designed using different mechanisms to generate a vacuum, e.g. a hand pump, a gas driven vacuum cleaner, etc.

Finally, the electrical vacuum cleaner as we know it was developed. The main parts of a vacuum cleaner are the vacuum pump (motor), hose, wand, and floor tool.

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ExtractVac Extraction Hose


For whom

Our typical clients are OEMs, Brand Owners, and Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturers.


The ExtractVac Hose provides users with a new, lightweight hose designed for aggressive fluid extraction service.

Key benefits

High Temperature Fluid Extraction rated at 170° F. Available in 1.5” and 2” diameters, various lengths and custom non-marking colors.


The ExtractVac Carpet Extraction and Truck Mount Vacuum Hose is designed for optimal durability, usability and cost-efficiency. It's available in 1.5” and 2” diameters, various lengths and custom non-marking colors.

About Plastiflex

For over 60 years, Plastiflex has been a global leader in plastic hoses and hose systems for various end-uses.


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