Composite hoses

In our production- and assembling department we are used to act quickly on customers urgent requests. We keep the raw materials and couplings on stock which gives us the possibility to produce the composite hoses on a very short notice. Besides our well-equipped production facility we have employees with many years of experience in production, assembling and testing of composite hoses.

Hose Construction

The composite hoses are constructed from polypropylene-, PTFE and/or Hostaflon films and fabrics, depending on the application and an outer cover of PVC coated nylon fabric. This cover is abrasion, weather and ozon resistant. For more demanding applications hoses with tubes are also available.
The cryogenic hoses are constructed from polyamide or polyester films and fabrics and an outer cover of polyamide. On request hoses with rope lagging can also be produced.

Internal and external wires

A choice can be made between galvanized steel, polypropylene coated steel and stainless steel in 316 and 304 for the internal wire, depending on the application. External wires can be galvanized steel and stainless steel 316 or 304. 


The assembly of the great variety of end fittings take place by means of a two-component epoxy and swaging the ferrule onto the hose, so called wet method. We can also provide the hoses with a Hose bun for good support.

Electrical Continuity

A dual connection between the internal and external wires and end fittings guarantees electrical continuity.


All hose assemblies are produced according EN13765: 2018 or EN13766: 2019 + A1:2020. The hoses are pressure tested at 1,5 times their rated working pressure before shipment (according EN1402). Test certificates are provided with all hose assemblies as a standard.


The composite hoses are suitable for use in operating temperatures from -30° C to +100° C depending on inner lining.
Cryogenic composite hoses are suitable for us in operating temperatures from -50° C to +50° C and up to -104° C for specific.


Our composite hoses comply with various international standards as EN13765: 2018.
EN13766: 2019 + A1:2020, IMO, IBC and US Coast Guard regulations. Our hoses also have the ClassNK Type Approval.

All type of hoses can be made in assemblies to specific customers’ requirements.

General overview

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Technical information

For further information we recommend that you to contact our technical sales team directly for any assistance and advice.



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