Stainless steel expansion joints

Amniflex stainless steel expansion joints are used in lots of applications, where it concerns safety, health, environment, durability and lifetime.

In Rotterdam Amniflex has a big stock of bellows and couplings from which a custom-made expansion joint assembly can be produced. This is assembled by one of our certified welders. Expansion joints with an inner or outer sleeve, with braiding and tie rots are also within our possibilities. For extra quality control Amniflex is also capable to do in house DP on the welds and can pressure test the final assembly.

Bellows are normally unbraided and capable to absorb axial, lateral and angular movements while being under low or higher pressures and temperatures. Due to the construction techniques involved the bellows are relative light compared to equivalent non- metallic bellow alternatives in the market.

Stainless steel itself can withstand extreme variations in temperature ranging from very low to high temperatures i.e. from Cryogenic up to 600 °C. Stainless steel bellows are diffusion tight, have an excellent chemical resistance as well as high physical strength. On top of it, stainless steel bellows have very good corrosion characteristics.

Amniflex bellows and expansion joints are generally produced and assembled in sizes from nominal 40 mm (1-1/2”) up to nominal 2000mm (80”).

Because of our broad package of different stainless-steel bellows, they can be used in both static and flexible applications and installations where constant flexing or vibration is required.

Besides stainless steel expansion joints also available are products in a range of exotic materials including Monel®, Inconel®625 and Hastelloy®C276.

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