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In our facility in Rotterdam we assemble the stainless steel hoses on customer specification. This is done by experienced and certified welders according to certified weld procedure. We can produce stainless steel hoses on very short notice depending on size and quantity. The production is monitored by trained employees and the assemblies can be controlled by PMI, DP and pressure testing.

Amniflex stainless steel hoses are used in a wide variety of applications, where it concerns safety, health, environment, durability and lifetime. We are active wherever stainless-steel hoses are required like Petro chemical, Machine and Equipment, Shipping, HVAC and more / others. Our stainless-steel hoses are produced according to the ISO 10380 and meet the requirements of the EU Directive 2014/68/EU (PED). These can be supplied with quality control documents such as material- and test certificates.

Hoses are available in unbraided version for low pressure applications or multiple braided (up to 4 layers) to withstand extreme high pressures, vibration and full vacuum. To protect the outside of the hose there are a variety of possibilities like a stainless-steel spring wire, pyrojacket, rubber cover or stripwound hose.

Due to the construction techniques and the wall thickness, the hoses are relative light compared to equivalent non- metallic hose alternatives in the market.

Stainless steel itself can withstand extreme variations in temperature ranging from very low to high temperatures i.e. from Cryogenic up to 550 degrees °C. Stainless steel hoses are diffuse tight, have an excellent chemical resistance as well as high physical strength. On top of it, stainless steel hose has very good corrosion characteristics.

Because of our extensive range of different stainless-steel hoses and sizes from 6mm (1/4”) and larger, they can be used in both static and flexible applications and installations where constant flexing or vibration is required.

Along with the key benefits that our standard product range offers, also available are products in a range of exotic materials including Monel®, Inconel®625 and Hastelloy®C276.

All type of hoses can be made in assemblies to specific customers’ requirements.

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