Flexible plastic hoses

We offer durable and specialist hose system solutions for a a wide range of industrial applications to provide our clients with a highly differentiated product.

  • Industrial vacuum cleaning hoses
  • Conductive hoses
  • Extraction and ventilation hoses
  • Sewer and sanitation hoses
  • Great and oil collection hoses
  • High-temperature hoses
  • Truckmount vacuum cleaner

Industrial vacuum cleaning hoses

Our vacuum applications cover a wide variety of services, among which residential or commercial vacuum cleaners, carwash vacuum systems, industrial vacuums and the carpet cleaning/extraction market.

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Carpet extraction Vacuum cleaning Carwash - Plastiflex - G-Vac hose.jpg

Conductive hoses

Statically charged materials can cause safety hazards in some industries, including electric shock or explosions. Plastiflex’s conductive or static dissipative hoses minimize or eliminate these potential hazards.

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Conductive Hose - Plastiflex - High conductivity.jpg
Ductal A1S Hose- Plastiflex - Temperature resistant.jpg

Extraction & ventilation hoses

We offer several ducting hoses for applications requiring fume extraction for health and safety, or air distribution for ventilation and equipment operation.

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Sewer-Sanitation Hoses - Plastiflex - HiVac Hose.jpg

Sewer and sanitation hoses

Plastiflex supplies sewer and sanitation hoses for sewer or septic pumping, Port-A-John remediation, environmental clean-up and/or marine sanitation requiring high volume suction performance.

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Grease and oil collection hoses

Plastiflex supplies grease and oil collection hoses for food grade and soluble oil collection.

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High-temperature hoses

Plastiflex supplies high-temperature hoses where higher temperature performance is required.

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Truckmount vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are used to collect dust, debris, and/or liquids. Click below to read more about our vacuum hoses for truckmounts.

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About Plastiflex

For over 60 years, Plastiflex has been a global leader in plastic hoses and hose systems for various end-uses.


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