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Our history

In 1953, Plastiflex was founded in Fountain Valley, California by Lewis Herrmann and Jack Baker. They developed a novel process to spiral wounding plastic hoses. After that, the company was immediately positioned in its markets as the Hose Innovator.

Nowadays, Plastiflex is operating in five key markets: Floor care, Healthcare, Swimming Pools, Industrial applications, and White goods.

In 1998, 3D Participaties, Belgian-based family-owned private equity firm and partner of Plastiflex since 1991, took over the company.

Since 2000, Plastiflex has opened four new factories around the globe to support its customers and at the same time adjusted its global footprint to remain competitive.


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Plastiflex today

Today, Plastiflex operates from its global HQ in Paal-Beringen, Belgium, where Business management, Operations management, Finance, R&D, and Product management are located.

Further, Plastiflex operates 6 factories, two in each major economic region. In Europe: Kezmarok (Slovakia) and Caldes de Montbui (Spain); In North America: Statesville (North Carolina, USA) and Tijuana (Mexico); In China: Suzhou and Changping.

Plastiflex has sales offices in the UK, Belgium, Australia and Hong Kong.

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Plastiflex as a solutions provider

Plastiflex is not your average manufacturer...

We engage with our customers in the design, concept development, sample preparation and manufacturing of the final product. This way, we are able to maximize the value we bring as a solutions provider during the whole product development cycle.

We are more than happy to assist you in your next hose system innovation. Don't hesitate to contact us!

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About Plastiflex

For over 60 years, Plastiflex has been a global leader in plastic hoses and hose systems for various end-uses.


Our solutions

The hose system solutions from Plastiflex are second-to-none, especially in these end-use markets:

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