Ductall A1S Wire Reinforced Ducting Hose

extremely versatile and flexible

high crush proof performance

3-ply vinyl exterior

high compression resistance

minimal flow restriction

strong and durable

temperature resistant

The Plastiflex Ductall A1S Wire Reinforced Ducting Hose is an extremely versatile fume ducting and sanitary disposal hose product utilized where air venting, fume collection and light duty sanitary applications are prominent. Possessing an extremely high crush proof performance to weight ratio, the Ductall A1S is suited to handle a broad range of industrial and commercial ducting requirements.

Utilizing a proprietary 3-ply vinyl (PVC) exterior along with a vinyl (PVC) interior, the Ductall A1S ducting hose offers both high compression resistance with extreme flexibility. With its unique design profile, the Ductall A1S is capable of providing small bend radiuses with minimal flow restriction.

Additional design features of the Ductall A1S includes the integration of a reinforced steel wire assembly to provide extra strength and durability. This feature, when combined with heat bonded material joints, allows for best-in-class ducting hose performance.

Tested for a variety of moderate to severe ducting services, the Ductall A1S is an excellent choice for corrosive chemical/fume handling and continuing outdoor exposure where UV resistance may be required. Furthermore, with a temperature range from -20F to 150F, the Ductall A1S is able to handle a wide range of both static and cyclical temperature environments.

Available in multiple sizes, the Ductall A1S Wire Reinforced Ducting Hose is the optimal product solution for industrial and commercial venting applications.

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