At Plastiflex, we want to be recognized within the industry and by our stakeholders as the leading global producer of fluid-carrying solutions, of which hose systems are an integral part.

In addition, we want to be known for our dedicated team of professionals who excel in product innovation and customer focus. Adhering to our values helps us to take a consistent approach to our work, our industry, our customers and our team members.

Together, these goals will help us to achieve sustainable profitable growth and solid financial results.

Sustainable here means not only continuing for a certain a period of time, but also causing little or no damage to the entire eco-system (Ecological, Social and Governance) in which we operate.

From an ecological perspective, we have already put in place a significant number of concrete measures:

  • Reducing the weight of many of our products without sacrificing product performance and customer requirements, i.e., using less raw materials per length of product.
  • Using recycled resins where possible without compromising customer requirements
  • Reducing our waste-to-landfill significantly
  • Monitoring diligently our electricity and our water consumption to reduce our carbon footprint. For that purpose, we have installed sensors and LED lighting.

Plastiflex is a socially responsible employer and coordinates all human resource activities from its global headquarters monitoring compliance with local regulations and its global corporate values.

Governance is extremely important to Plastiflex. Plastiflex’s locations comply with local compliance rules and applicable regulatory requirements. For example, Plastiflex Healthcare manages its production sites according to ISO 13485 quality management system while its business team at the Plastiflex’s headquarters ensures compliance with e.g. the EU medical device directive and/or FDA Premarket Notification depending on customer/market requirements.

In 2020, we defined our 4P Sustainability Philosophy:

  • Sustainable Purchasing – ensure that all raw materials have a clear and traceable sustainable origin.
  • Sustainable Products – develop sustainable products using, amongst other things, e.g. certified recycle resins. 
  • Sustainable Processes – Plastiflex has developed a proprietary hose manufacturing process which can use a wide range of recycled resins.
  • Sustainable Performance – Obviously, we have to ensure that our customers and specifiers/end-users understand the value of sustainability.

In 2021, we are taking it up a notch and embarked on a broader Sustainability journey. Via a materiality exercise we identified the key focal points of our stakeholders. Combining this with a rigorous internal analysis we identified several key performance indicators which will enable us to monitor our efforts of becoming a more sustainable company. Some of these KPIs are:

  • Energy efficiency of our products
  • Environmental impact of raw materials used in our products
  • Reduce the environmental impact of the packaging materials we use
  • Workforce talent development program

2022 has served to create a baseline of our Sustainability KPIs. We are currently further quantifying our Sustainability efforts so that we are ready for 2024 to adapt to future legislation such as the CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive).

Plastiflex is relentlessly committed to its values of Passion, Excellence, Curiosity, Teamwork and Integrity to secure a sustainable profitable future!

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