Ductall DU Industrial Vacuum Hose

all-plastic construction

low flexibility

3-ply vinyl exterior

crush and kink resistance

high wear resistance

optimal flow performance

medium to heavy duty applications

The Plastiflex Ductall DU Industrial Vacuum Hose is a superior all-plastic hose design utilized for industrial or commercial air, liquid or material handling. Engineered with a specialized all-plastic configuration, the Ductall DU industrial vacuum hose is the clear choice for wet/dry vacuum solutions requiring low flexibility performance.

Made from LDPE to provide the best in both crush resistance and abrasion resistance, the Ductall DU Industrial Vacuum Hose is the best choice for demanding service requirements. Suitable applications for Ductall DU include truck mount carpet extraction, portable/rental extraction, industrial vacuum systems and wet/dry vacuum cleaners.

Developed with a heavy wall profile to achieve high wear resistance, the Ductall DU Industrial Vacuum Hose provides optimal flow performance and service life in an all-plastic design. Additionally, the intricate profile design of the Ductall DU hose is engineered not to collapse, kink or crush under the most severe working environments.

Tested for a variety of medium to heavy duty vacuum and industrial applications, the Ductall DU is the preferred solution for wet or dry vacuum service with temperature ranges between -40F and 150F.
Available in multiple sizes, the Ductall DU Industrial Vacuum Hose is the optimal product solution for medium to heavy duty industrial and commercial vacuum requirements.

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