HI-VAC LTW – Portable Sanitation and Liquid Suction Hose

smooth bore interior

superior crush resistance

best in class flexibility

lightest hose in class

new proprietary resin formulation

leak proof cuff design

multiple sizes available

available in optional black/yellow color

The Plastiflex HI-VAC portable sanitation and liquid suction hose is a robustly designed and built pumper truck evacuation, septic pumping, sewer cleaning, marine sanitation, wastewater and general industrial liquid suction service hose for use in heavy-duty applications. Offering a smooth bore interior with superior crush resistance, the HI-VAC LTW hose is the preferred hose for medium to heavy duty service applications.

Utilizing a new proprietary polymer blend designed to offer 10% better flexibility with a 15% weight reduction versus the original HI-VAC product, the HI-VAC LTW hose will meet or exceed service performance levels against all competitors in its class.

By incorporating new design elements into the cap and channel sections, the HI-VAC LTW hose is designed to be the lightest and most flexible hose solution in the market while maintaining the robustness you expect from the HI-VAC product line.

As with the original HI-VAC hose, the HI-VAC LTW hose uses a 100% factory tested over-molded cuff technology to prevent leaking and cuff-to-hose separation.

Available in multiple sizes, the HI-VAC LTW portable sanitation and liquid suction hose is the new industry standard when it comes to continuous use suction environments.

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