MC-VAC – Commercial Carwash Vacuum Hose


most economical, commercial-grade

long-lasting flexibility

abrasion resistance

superior crushproof construction

outstanding suction performance

multiple size/color configurations

The Plastiflex MC-VAC Commercial Carwash Vacuum Hose is an exceptional performing vacuum hose utilized in a variety of commercial grade carwash vacuum hose applications. Offering a smooth interior with excellent abrasion resistance, the MC-VAC Commercial Carwash Vacuum Hose is the ideal product for any commercial application.

Utilizing a lightweight LDPE polymer blend suited to handle continuing use within tough commercial environments, the MC-VAC Hose offers long-lasting hose flexibility combined with superior crushproof construction.

By incorporating a bonded, two-profile construction technology,
the MC-VAC Hose offers increased material flow efficiency resulting in outstanding suction performance.

An added feature of the MC-VAC Hose is its unique external cap profile that offers exceptional wear and deterioration resistance under harsh service environments.

Available in multiple sizes and color configurations, the MC-VAC Commercial Carwash Vacuum Hose is the most economical commercial vacuum hose solution for OEMs and distributors.

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