Walter Potthoff

Walter Potthoff is a German injection moulding company based in Kierspe with more than 50 years of experience in the healthcare and industrial markets. The manu-facturing facility in Kierspe is the European healthcare manufacturing hub for the Plastiflex Group and is the global centre of excellence for injection moulding

About Walter Potthoff


Dialysis removes toxins from the blood when the kidneys don’t function properly anymore.

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Transfusion Systems

A blood transfusion provides blood or blood components if you’ve lost blood due to an injury, during surgery or have certain medical conditions that affect blood or its components.

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Several different products are used in the treatment of cancer ranging from medicines to surgical tools.

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Diagnostics and life science

The Diagnostics industry deals with the diagnosis of illness. The Life Sciences industry, on the other hand, refers to all of the organizations and companies whose work is centered around research and development focused on living things (animals, plants, human beings.). Both use a lot of different consumables like sample tubes, containers, petri dishes, etc.

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People may be given artificial nutrition in three ways: enteral feeding (through a tube placed into the stomach or small intestine; parenteral feeding (through a tube inserted into a vein whereby nutrients enter the bloodstream directly); or by a combination of both routes.

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About Plastiflex

For over 70 years, Plastiflex has been a global leader in plastic hoses and hose systems for various end-uses.


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