16 February 2024 - Are you IN or OUT – Wireflex TPU is OUT

16 February 2024 - Are you IN or OUT – Wireflex TPU is OUT

Plastiflex has developed a unique wire-reinforced TPU hose based on its Wireflex technology which is OUT of this world.

But why?

Typical wire-reinforced TPU hoses are characterised by the fact that the TPU part of the hose folds inwards between the wire helix. This has several disadvantages, such as:

  • Reduced inter diameter – thus poorer air flow
  • When abrasive materials are transported through the hose, the inward folded part of the hose receives higher impact resulting in a short life time of the hose

After careful engineering we have developed Wireflex-TPU-OUT which overcomes these issues and puts you IN control again for the best possible product available.

Are you IN or OUT? With our Wireflex-TPU-OUT you are always IN for the best possible properties.

Please contact us to learn more about Wireflex-TPU-OUT at info@plastiflex.com.


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