Brand-New Sustainable Hose Manufacturing Technology by Plastiflex

Brand-New Sustainable Hose Manufacturing Technology by Plastiflex

Plastiflex has developed a brand-new technology that allows us to produce high-quality hoses from recycled materials. Sounds interesting? Read all about our new manufacturing technology below.

What Are the Benefits of Our New Hose Manufacturing Technology? 

Thanks to our new manufacturing technology, we can produce plastic spiral hoses from a wide range of post-consumer recycled resins and/or raw materials. 

By combining this technology with our proprietary resin blends and patented hose constructions, we can produce hoses with a recycled resin content of more than 50% without sacrificing their stability or flexibility.

Why Did Plastiflex Develop This New Technology? 

Since 1953, Plastiflex has been at the forefront of hose technology. Over the last couple of years, our engineers have worked relentlessly to develop a new manufacturing process. This way, we want to respond to the Sustainability Goals of the UN and the rising demand for sustainable plastic hoses.

Our newly developed hose manufacturing technology will allow us to develop numerous new products that are truly sustainable yet retain the same characteristics as other commercially available hoses.

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Are you interested in our sustainable flexible plastic hoses? Do you have any questions about our new hose manufacturing technology? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to help you!

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