A tribute to the Plastiflex employees in China and Hong Kong.

A tribute to the Plastiflex employees in China and Hong Kong.


We would like to pay a tribute to the Plastiflex staff in China and Hong Kong.

We managed to re-open our factories on February 11th (albeit still at a reduced level as a lot of workers are still having difficulties in returning to the factories).

Despite very difficult personal and logistic conditions, our staff is doing a great job (ensuring enough masks for all workers, ensuring all raw materials and transport to ship the goods, agreeing revised shipment dates with our customers and obviously also manufacturing our flexible hoses and tubes).

In a very good collaboration with the local authorities, we are now seeing each day a bigger number of managers and workers returning to the plants and hope that we can get back to a full operational situation as soon as possible.

We are also helping directly to fight the virus by producing some Government emergency orders for our Health care tubes in order to bring breathing relief for Covid-19 patients.

So, thanks again to everybody for such a great job.





巴拉斯想尽一切办法在2020年2月11日 复工。(虽然目前返工率不高,仍有部分员工因为交通困难无法按时返工。)





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