New Plastiflex Product: Hybernite VA Tube with EHW Expiratory Limb

New Plastiflex Product: Hybernite VA Tube with EHW Expiratory Limb

At Plastiflex, we continuously strive to innovate and improve our product line. Today, we are proud to present our new Hybernite VA tube with EHW expiratory limb. Learn more about this exciting development below!

Why You Should Choose Our New Hybernite VA Tube

The new Hybernite VA tube is our premium ventilation tube for healthcare use. The most exciting part? The Embedded Heated Wire (EHW) expiratory limb, that was designed to avoid moisture buildup in the expiratory limb itself, the ventilator and the filter.

The spiral winded expiratory tube eliminates excessive moisture by vaporizing water through its wall. This results in less interruption during ventilation. The new Hybernite VA tube is available for adults (19 mm ID) as well as Neonates (10 mm), and will soon be made available as a complete breathing circuit.

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