Our Plant from Suzhou, China

Our Plant from Suzhou, China


Company Outing for Plastiflex Suzhou takes them to Hangzhou City where team members set aside work, learn more about their colleagues and allow their souls to shine.


Company outings are a wonderful thing!  Colleagues set aside their roles at work and head to real life, facing the living life with their souls shining.  While team members of Plastiflex work together, once a year we also choose a new place to travel. This year we decided to go Hangzhou City, the ancient city of Song Dynasty.  While in Hangzhou we watched a very famous show and played water games together. Besides work, we now know more about each other.






She is an excellent mother - young, beautiful and intelligent. She is Supply Chain Supervisor of Plastiflex, and her name is Sue Ye.  Her 5-year-old son holds tight to her hand.  ”Mommy, what is calligraphy?” he asks. ”How is this wood carved into flowers?” - ”It’s so much fun to play water games, hahaha!”  This is a time of joy, accompanied by his mother’s thoughtful explanation and company, it flows into her son’s heart and becomes a warm memory.

On the way back to Suzhou, I asked the little boy if he will come next year? "Yes!” The little guy was very determined.



Holding hands and growing old together, Li Chunyan and Wu Erxia are a couple and have been working at Plastiflex for more than ten years. They often work separated – one on day shift and the other night shift.  Very often they do not see each other in the factory. So two days of traveling on the outing gave them emotions: talking about handicrafts on the streets; watching the show about Hangzhou city history and seeing the most beautiful love stories of Xuxian and Bainiangzi.  Looking at each other, love doesn’t have to be thrilling, but being harmonious day after day is forever.







"Wow, what a beautiful picture of you!"

“This is your favorite mushroom?”

"I went to a very far alley and there was a museum.  It was great!"

Watching the show, eating BBQ while drinking beer and talking the dream.

It's a crowd of young men paddling in a boat and a crowd of girls taking pictures. 

Everyone work earnest, everyone wants things to be better. We have reports, we have performance, we have pressures but also we have family, we have love and we have friendships.  Hard working and a colorful life, this is our Plastiflex life attitude. The good times we spend together will be wonderful memories in our lives.

This is our company, family and life.  For more information about Plastiflex or Plastiflex products, visit www.plastiflex.com or contact us!  

Have a great summer!

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