24 July 2023 - Sustainability at Plastiflex – our Roadmap 2020-2024

24 July 2023 - Sustainability at Plastiflex – our Roadmap 2020-2024

We at Plastiflex want to be recognized within the industry and by our stakeholders as the leading and most sustainable global manufacturer of fluid carrying solutions, of which hose systems are an integral part. In 2020, we defined our 4P Sustainability Philosophy:

  • Sustainable Purchasing – ensure that all raw materials have a clear and traceable sustainable origin.
  • Sustainable Products – develop sustainable products using, amongst other things, e.g. certified recycle resins. 
  • Sustainable Processes – Plastiflex has developed a proprietary hose manufacturing process which can use a wide range of recycled resins.
  • Sustainable Performance – Obviously, we have to ensure that our customers and specifiers/end-users understand the value of sustainability.

We stepped-up our game in 2021 and embarked on a broader Sustainability journey. Via a materiality exercise we identified the key focal points of our stakeholders. Combining this with a rigorous internal analysis, we identified a number of key performance indicators which will enable us to monitor our efforts of becoming a more sustainable company. Some of these KPIs are:

  • Energy efficiency of our products
  • Environmental impact of raw materials used in our products
  • Reduce the environmental impact of the packaging materials we use
  • Workforce talent development program

2022 has served to create a baseline of our Sustainability KPIs. Currently, we are further quantifying our Sustainability efforts and will report on this shortly with our first half year results of 2023.

We will use 2024 to align ourselves with upcoming legislation like the CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive).

If you want to learn more about our Sustainability program please contact us at Sustainability@Plastiflex.com .


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